Personal Coaching & Guidance

When it comes to training and life in general, if you are not motivated, driven or inspired, you will find it extremely hard to achieve your goals.

At Celtic Iron Fitness in Berwick & Clyde, we work on strengthening your mind and your motivation as well as your body.

The difference between us and other personal training studios is that we work extensively on the “personal” side of personal  training.

Your goals are important to us and therefore YOU are important to us. We work with you inside and outside of your session time to help challenge, inspire and push you. We believe that this is the most important part of helping people succeed when it comes to achieving goals and we endeavour to strengthen your mind as well as your body.

Call Brad on 0404 992 862 if you would like to discuss some Personal Coaching & Guidance.

Personal Trainer in Berwick & Clyde

At Celtic Iron Fitness in Berwick & Clyde, no matter what fitness level you start at, you will get a personalised program and dietary plan to suit your fitness and lifestyle levels. There is no point following a program if you hate it so we work with you to cater a program that you are more motivated to follow.

We also do extensive data tracking through weight and measurement tracking as well as fitness tests every 8 weeks to see if you are improving as well as constant 24/7 coaching (This means you can contact us at any time regarding your plan).

Your Personal Training sessions are located at my studio and they go for an hour in duration. Unlike other gyms and personal training studios, you will not be locked into a financial contract so if it is not entirely what you are looking for then you are not weighed down by a heavy financial burden as well which can be extremely frustrating.

At Celtic Iron Fitness, we are extremely motivated and driven to help you achieve the best results you are looking for.

Call Brad on 0404 992 862 if you would like to discuss some sessions with a Personal Trainer in Berwick & Clyde.

Strength/Overall Fitness Training

When it comes to fitness, nothing good comes easy. So with every individualised session, we work on whatever goals you want to work on. One thing that we pride ourselves on is that we never run the same session twice with you. Variety in exercise is not only fun but we believe that it helps in the process of weight loss and overall fitness.

However, if your goal is specific such as putting on muscle, strength or it is a performance based goal, we can cater a program to suit your needs and build sessions around it.

Whatever goals you might have, we can help you assess what they are and help you achieve them.

Rehabilitation Training

Over the journey, we have trained many types of people from many walks of life. However one of the most frequent clients that we train is people coming back from injury. Rehabilitation is a necessity when it comes to getting over an injury and we work with you and your body to strengthen it back to 100%.

We work with your health professionals to create a plan and a workout routine that will be suitable for you to do in and out of sessions. Also we can recommend other health specialists to help with your rehabilitation if needed as well.

Group Fitness Training

Whether you want to train with your partner, your workmates or your friends, we can cater from groups of up to 5 people. All Group  Fitness Training sessions are built on teamwork, encouragement and support and will definitely make you feel like you have accomplished something. 

If you don’t like training by yourself, Celtic Iron Fitness also offers bootcamp classes that are focused on a tight-knit community and camaraderie. These sessions will definitely boost your fitness, your confidence and help you achieve your goals!